Cat Burglar & The Magic Museum

Controlling starBlinky‘s game is easy, you just click start button and the burglar starts to collect loot. Security guard doesn’t sleep though and after a while comes to investigate suspicious noices. To make a getaway press return button and it’s important to do that in the right moment unless the guard catches you and takes everything from you. He doesn’t get you imprisoned, luckily for you, and you can start again.

The more you steal being not caught the more burglar3.pngmoney you earn and can buy items which help you in your burglary career, gloves for faster looting and boots for faster running. You get good reputation in the professional field and even get contracts. Sadly, security guards are upgrading too – many thefts in the gallery recently forced them to improve their work. Their attempts to capture you are less and less pathetic. So, can you make a nice retirement fund for the future?

The game is completely controlled by a mouse and has autosave.

Have a good time with another action game!

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